We are proud of our stations and equipment and love to show them off. We have 3 fire stations located throughout the district.

Station tours are available to community groups. To schedule a station tour, please contact our public educations office, 708-352-9229, ext: 2401, or email Jon Nepil our Public Education Director at [email protected] to schedule your tour. Walk-in tours are available for individuals, but please remember that these men are on duty and may be out on an emergency, inspection or training. Also, they may have to shorten your tour due to training or other activities.

Group Station Tours

Groups of 3 or more children must be accompanied by an adult. The adult to children ratio should be 1 to 5 for ages 3-8; 1 to 7 for ages 8-12. This is for the safety of the children. Station tours last about 30 to 60 minutes. Children will be shown around the firehouse, the fire vehicles, and given a short safety talk.

Station 1

Located at 1970 Plainfield Road in the LaGrange Highlands. This is the headquarters station that houses are administration offices, fire prevention, dispatch, training division along with the firefighters. The equipment at this station includes our Command unit Battalion 150, Ladder 151, Ambulance 151, HazMat 151 and Tender 151.

Station 2

Located at 7675 Wolf Road in Burr Ridge. This station is our oldest and was built in the 1950’s. This station houses Engine 152 and Rehab 152.

Station 3

Located at 9096 Joliet Road in Hodgkins. This fire station houses our technical rescue unit called TRT 153 and a 100 foot quint called ladder 153, ambulance 153, and engine 153. We also have two rescue boats.