A confirmed F1 tornado hit in the Pleasantview Fire Protection District on July 12th 2023 and caused significant damage to various areas. Pleasantview Fire Protection District received 47 calls in a short period of time. These calls ranged from automatic fire alarms, power lines down with fire, electrical poles and trees down, elevator rescues, roll over semis, inside gas leaks, unrelated EMS calls and several building collapse / structural damage calls. It’s fortunate that no one was trapped, injured, or killed during this Disaster event. The Pleasantview Fire Protection District is grateful for the support received from the 11 different agencies that responded to the calls and assisted in searching the affected areas for hazards and residents in need.

In light of this event, it is important for residents and visitors to respond promptly when tornado sirens are activated. Seeking shelter immediately can greatly increase personal safety during a tornado. The Pleasantview Fire Protection District emphasizes the importance of heeding these warnings and taking appropriate measures to protect oneself during severe weather events.